About Me



Hi, my name is Kathleen Murtagh and I am an actor, writer and voice actor based in London. I still have a base where I am originally from in Berkshire and have a neutral South-West British accent. I am currently working on an experimental play at the Camden Etcetera Theatre: “In Search of Ridiculous Medicines” and an audio book for an unreleased novel, coming to Audible and HB Publishing House this autumn. I have also been cast in two upcoming short films also to be released this year; additionally I am contributing choreography to the short film ‘Inertia’ through MET Film. I am also currently undergoing training for radio presenting work.


I have a keen interest in stage and screen acting, with my training at the London College of Music touching on Shakespeare technique, as well as classical practitioners, along with screen and voice acting. I am interested in all forms of the written word – books, journalism, poetry – and the journey language can take us on to help us explore our imagination – whether this is the exploration through something lyrical like music, or movement based through dance. I believe in the power of cross medium work, bringing photography and art into performance art.

Previous Work:

I have worked in several short films, including voice-over for animation,and have played a range of roles on stage over my training – from exploring challenging contemporary pieces to Shakespearean roles like Hero in my third-year show of Much Ado About Nothing, allowing me to explore my full range of casting. I have a passion for TV, having attended Screen Acting classes with the National Youth Theatre, and have a contemporary dance background where I have experience devising my own work. I have experience leading young children, through my work volunteering at the South Hill Park Arts Festival for children 6-11 and completed my Level 1 qualification to teach children dance. I enjoy creating my own work, recently collaborating on directing an original piece by one of my university peers, as well as creating my own poetry and spoken word. 



Nicky – A Kind of People -Directed by Paul Harvard – 2020

Kaia Fosli – The Master Builder – Directed by Paul Harvard – 2021

Lady Macbeth – Macbeth – Directed by Isla Hall – 2022

Cecily – The Importance of Being Earnest – Directed by Michael Keane – 2022

Hero – Much Ado About Nothing – Michael Keane – 2023

Kit – Wind/Rush Generation(s)- Directed by Segen Yosef – 2023

In Search of Exquisite Medicines – Directed by El Chen – 2024

Audio Work:

Trinity – I Have to Let You Go – HB Publishing House / Audible – 2024

Rehearsed Reading:

Mallory – THIS IS IT/IS THIS IT? – Directed by Ellena Ball – 2022

Farrow – Sense – Directed by Dan Hardwell – 2022


Director – Disunion – Written by Da Hardwell – 2022


Amy – Duracell Advert – MET Film – Kerrie Allibone

Knox – Voice over/short film – University of Sussex – Andrew Fraser

Waitress – Disposition – MET Film / Youtube Original Proposal – Kerrie Allibone

Featured Extra – Near Miss – 2023


National Youth Theatre Acting Through Screen

Lamda Acting Exam Grade 7


Non-contact Stage Combat Training, Choral singing training, Verbatim theatre, Immersive Theatre, Basic Pole Dance, Contemporary Dance Training, Choreography – Dance, Devising – theatre, Improv, Voice acting – advert, legal, contracts, audio-books, Mock Police Interview Improvisation